User Experience Design – The Way to Create Experience

Rewind back to the early days of web, Web designers were ruling the website and web based products. A single role performing the Graphic Designs, Wireframe, Information Architecture and front end development. Later on due to progressive growth of web, advancement of technology and methodologies it become more complex. So a broad vision and wider knowledge was needed for user centered process. By then emerges the User Experience, focusing on the human (user) perseverance and desirability in addition to the custom Human Computer Interface and Usability.

User Experience Design – Introduction

User Experience Design (UXD or UED) is the field of study or approach about how the user perceives and responds to the system. The system could be website, web application or product. In modern terms, it’s a form of Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

The aim is to enhance the users experience in a more pleasing and disciplined fashion,  possible in terms of trust, utility, ease of use and overall value.

Don Norman, the user experience architect felt that the Human Interface and Usability are too narrow; he wants to encompass all the aspect of human computer interaction and end user experience with the system in a single term. The term is UX, coined in the mid of 1990’s while he was Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple.

Disciplines of User Experience Design (UXD)

I just find this diagrammatic representation of the various disciplines that make up the User Experience on a website.

Diagram Source:


Today’s Web plays major role in Business – even we could say “Web transformed to a Virtual Market”. According to Internet World Stats statistics shows around 2.3 billion people access web globally in the first quarter of 2012. So competition soars and Business people are forced to think about winning the users. Websites also have become more complex and effective – show casing all features. User Experience Design becomes an inevitable tool.

Users have been accessing web through number of mediums like smart phone, tablets, and across different OS and browsers. With all the latest changes in technology and accessibility – User Experience nurtures trust, loyalty and pleasing experience among the users and then everything else will follow.


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