New Era of Business – SharePoint

The new era of business is about consuming “contextual content” instead of “Content alone” to make decisions. The world of information is currently growing with the combination of structured and unstructured data. The business user needs to sense the content with context in order to make rapid decisions. The contextual data becomes an important statistic in today’s world. For instance in a retail market this can help offer transient discounts to customers who are in premises and dubious at buying a product that they like much.


With enterprise mobility and concepts of BYOD at corporates in an increasing mode, SharePoint’s extension to Mobile and Tablets will provide an engulfing business experience to all users. This experience when blended with business context can create a Veritable engaging experience between the Customer and the Firm.


SharePoint Server 2013 promises great and optimized mobile viewing experiences due to new features that improves user efficiency and usability on the device. The key being the ability to send Notifications, target different Mobile devices and Geo location Option. Office Web Apps when integrated with SharePoint Server 2013 provides enhanced viewing experiences, when interacting with documents on the phone. With the help of “PerformancePoint Services ” + “Contextual data” businesses can win new clients and retain existing clients.


One response to “New Era of Business – SharePoint”

  1. Selva says :

    Information provided in your blog is very informative and substantial and I am totally agree with you that in the upcoming days we requires tool like Sharepoint 2013 to manage our content.

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