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Introduction to Information Architecture

“Change is the only constant.” the term phrased by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is applied now in all means. Everything under the sun is changing. The platform of business and the way businesses approaching customers are drastically transforming to new level. In yester yesteryears the makers of product [may vary from a simple website, web application or any devices] were not think about the users in developing a product.

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User Experience Design – The Way to Create Experience

Rewind back to the early days of web, Web designers were ruling the website and web based products. A single role performing the Graphic Designs, Wireframe, Information Architecture and front end development. Later on due to progressive growth of web, advancement of technology and methodologies it become more complex. So a broad vision and wider knowledge was needed for user centered process. By then emerges the User Experience, focusing on the human (user) perseverance and desirability in addition to the custom Human Computer Interface and Usability.

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